General Manager Speech
This Technology Experts Company Profile was compiled at the end of the years 1430H and 2009. It aims to give a brief description of and to demonstrate the activities, services and capabilities of the company in different fields of specialization. The preparation of this profile has been preceded by a comprehensive restructuring and arrangement of the work inside the company in a way that harmonized with the huge expansion that TEC has experienced. Where new units of work of more specialization has been added, new activities have emerged, this is in addition to new distinguished and qualified experts and staff members who have joined the company adding and rooting more to the Mission of the company in which We endeavor for the settlement of technology to serve the clients through utmost distinctive performance and transparent handling full of honesty to build up a long-term strategic relationship leading to edifices of success and excellence.

For the company to fulfill its mission for settlement of Technology it invests a high percentage of its income in the fields of Research and Studies based on a well built infrastructure of Laboratories and Research Instruments which are managed by highly qualified personnel of high degrees and different specializations. In addition to this our company works and cooperates with many specialized scientific institutions and Research Canters locally and overseas for the transfer and settlement of technology and to provide scientific solutions in the fields of specialization. All this furnished a suitable and solid environment for the Company to fulfill its motto which is With utmost strength and honesty we put the technology in your hands

This new company profile came in accordance with the approval for the new company motto which has been selected carefully to satisfy our Company aims in Environmental Protection, Water Conservation, and settlement of technology in these fields. It also came in the time where the company is establishing the Quality Control Program and processing its application to obtain the ISO certificate in Administration and Laboratories.

General Manager,
Hamid A. Al-Shahwan
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