Measurement & Control Department

The Electronics workshop of Technology Experts Company has been established to execute control and data logging projects especially SCADA and hydrological networks, as well as installation of field instruments.

The workshop aims to achieve the following:

  • Providing technical support to different activities of the company.
  • Qualifying and training of Saudi personnel to execute technical projects.
  • Executing electronic maintenance and installation jobs for the tools and equipment that are used in water technology.

To achieve the above objectives, a group of engineers and technicians has been technically trained on using and maintaining water well logging tools and equipment as well as control devices and field instruments that used in SCADA systems.

These skills are required to have the capability to build data logging networks that record field sensors in hydrological networks that are usually geographically spread. These skills include the ability to integrate state of the art technologies such as GPRS, RF, and satellite communications.

Also, technical cooperation has been established with some major companies that supply high quality products and components based on open standards and the rugged construction of devices. These companies include Adcon, Schneider Electric, Siemens, National Instruments and Beckhoff.

A major collaboration between our company and Coin Egypt Company has been established to execute hydrological network projects due to the expertise Coin Egypt has in executing large scale projects in Egypt using the latest technologies.

The activities of the workshop also include the design and manufacture some of electronic instruments like radiation survey meters that some sectors in the local market need, in addition to providing the spare parts required for maintenance operations.

Additionally training courses on the operation and maintenance of specific electronic equipment are held for the personnel in some governmental sectors.

Eng. Khalil Ahmed masaed

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