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Technology Experts Labs offer distinguished services in the fields of Radiation and Chemical analysis for different kinds of samples. Our labs are equipped with advanced instruments and devices to perform the required tests from well known International Companies such as: Canberra Industries Inc, (USA) which is specialized in production and manufacture of Nuclear Electronics and Radiation Instrumentation, and SAIC (USA) which is specialized in Manufacturing Radiation Survey Meters and Monitoring Systems. In addition to these advance preparations the company’s labs possess a well trained team having a vast experience in different analysis and interpretation of data and results. TEC’s labs have also gained a professional approval certificate from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Gamma Emitters Measurements. To have more recognition certificates, our company is now in the process of getting (ISO 17025) certificate assigned specifically for Laboratories.

Laboratory Staff Members:
TEC’s labs make use of many experts and researchers having distinguished experience each in his field. Our lab participated in the International Comparison Proficiency Test organized by IAEA in the year 2006 to estimate and determine Gamma Emitters in different Environmental Samples. The company Lab staff members and personnel:

  • Dr. Yasser Yousif Obaid ( Lab Manager)
  • Eng. Saad Al-Harbi (Specialist in Radiation Measurements)
  • Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Daihan (Senior Technician inRadiation Measurements)
  • Mr. Ibrahim Al-Najdi (Chemist)
  • Abdul-Rahman Al-Zayed (Chemical Technician)

Technology Experts Laboratory Units:
Radiological Laboratory:

This unit is responsible for sample preparations of soil, water and leak tests samples. The sample preparations for radiation measurements are done either by chemical separation for radioactive isotopes or ion exchange operations. In this unit sample preparations are also done to complete the chemical analysis of water and soil samples.

Measurement and Counting Unit:

This unit is equipped with the most advanced technology used in the determination and
estimation of radioactive materials in different environmental samples.

The measurement and counting unit contains a complete spectrum of different
measurements systems, such as:

  • Hyper Pure Germanium Detector (HpGe) for Measurement of Gamma Photon.
  • Alpha Spectroscopy Analysis System.
  • Low Alpha / Beta Counting System.
  • Radon Measurement System for Water and Air.

Description of Measurement and Counting Operations:
Gamma Spectroscopy System:

The technology used in this system is capable of determining and measuring Gamma Emitters in different samples to a very minute concentrations reach to parts per billion (ppb) and with high accuracy. This device is using Gamma Counting system equipped with a detector manufactured from Hyper Pure Germanium Material.

Alpha Spectroscopy System:
This system enables the users to measure alpha emitters (uranium isotopes) in water samples with minute concentrations reaching to parts per billion (ppb). Before measuring alpha emitters an accurate and careful chemical separation will be done for uranium isotopes as a preliminary stage for electrochemical separation, finally to be counted by alpha detectors manufactured from silicon material.

Gross Alpha / Beta Counting:
In this operation the total alpha / beta emitters will be measured in different environmental samples (water, soil and rock samples) to distinguish in early stages abnormal increase in the percentage of emitters without distinguishing the type of isotopes or emitters by using a low counting gas scintillation detector.

Chemical Laboratory:
TEC Chemical Lab. has the capability of performing complete chemical analysis for water samples including major cations, anions, and trace elements in addition to determination of physico-chemical characteristics of water (e.g. Eh, Ec, PH, D02, turbidity & Biological analysis.)

The Quality Control Program:
After operation of any installation (e.g. a Lab for radiation and environmental measurements), it should follow a comprehensive quality control and assurance program, to assure high quality and accurate results. 

Quality Assurance and Control in Technology Experts

Participation in the International Proficiency Tests:
Technology Experts Labs gained approval and certification on its activities in the Radiation Measurement Analysis. Such certification is given internationally from IAEA as part of the Internal Comparative Program for Quality control, where IAEA sends samples of unknown concentrations to different overseas labs participating in this test, then receives results from these labs and compares them with original concentrations of the samples. By participating in this test, Technology Experts Labs obtained a professional certificate from IAEA in Gamma Emitters Measurements.

Projects Executed by Technology Experts Labs

  • Radiation Contamination Study in Qassim Area.
  • Evaluation of Radiation Risks in Industrial and Civil Water Treatment Plants of Saudi Aramco.
  • Radiation Contamination Study in Ha'il Area.
  • Study of Ground Water Resources Characteristics in Qassim Area.
  • Study for Evaluation of Unayzah Water Treatment Plant.
  • Well Logging and Radiation Analysis of Saq Project.
  • This in addition to many samples from Water Directorates, Well Drilling Contractors, Private Companies , and Individuals in the Kingdom and other Gulf countries.

Riyadh – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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