Operation and Maintenance Department

Technology Experts Company established the Operations & Maintenance Department as one of the main divisions in the company, based on its belief that sophisticated operation and perfect maintenance in different installations play a vital role in increasing productivity, enhancing the development process, and achieving sustainable development in societies. Thus the company was very ardent to have diversely qualified personnel from water plant operators, including Saudis and overseas Engineers and Technicians. This enables our company to offer distinguished services in this field to different beneficiaries.

Among those beneficiaries are:

  • Different Water Treatment Plants in the Kingdom
  • The General Directorate of Waters
  • Different projects obtained from The Ministry of Water and Electricity

Technology Experts Company is a strong competitor in the field of Operations and Maintenance for Water Treatment Plants, where the company now is handling operation and maintenance of Zulfi Water Treatment Plant through a three (3) year contract with Ministry of Water and Electricity.

Methodology of Work in Operations and
Maintenance Department

Regulations and Projects Management:
Technology Experts Company follows and applies advance regulations and systems in operations, maintenance and management of water plants. A careful monitoring is done for different devices and spare parts (for prediction of failures before it happen) through international and regional systems developed specifically to be used in this field including determination of the perfect time for carrying out maintenance and replacement operations in the plant.

Qualified Personnel:
TEC possess a number of well qualified staff members including engineers, technicians, and workers who are specialized in operations and maintenance of water plants and water wells.

Instruments & Equipment:
TEC has a collection of advanced instruments and equipment which are capable of detecting failures and conducting accurate measurements in the field of operation and maintenance.

Quality Control System:
TEC has a firm Quality Control System to ensure that all work is performed according to regulations and to develop the best feasible operations, procedures, technologies, and policies to provide such conditions.

Training and Promotion:
TEC is very dedicated to conducting periodic and regular training courses to enhance and develop the capabilities of all its employees. This is done through scientific, technical and administrative training courses arranged in collaboration with Technology Experts Training Centre which is serving also the Saudi Market in other specializations of the company.

Clients Dealing with Operations and Maintenance Department:

  • Ministry of Water and Electricity (Projects’ Department) - Riyadh
  • General Directorate of Water in Riyadh
  • General Directorate of Water in Qassim
  • The National Water Company - Riyadh
  • Ministry of Water Resources - Cairo ,Egypt


Ongoing Projects:

  • Chemical Substances Injection Project in Boraydah Water Treatment Plant
  • Operation and Maintenance Project for Zulfi Water Treatment Plant

Projects under Study:

  • Operation and Maintenance Project for Nafei City and its neighboring villages
  • Operation and Maintenance Project for Goaiyah Water Treatment Plant
  • Project for Promotion and Development of Zulfi Water Treatment Plant

For more information and request of our services, please feel free to contact us as follows:
Technology Experts Company – Riyadh
Operation and Maintenance Department
Tel: 01 – 2052008
Fax: 01 – 2052009
E-mail:    algmaiee@t-experts.com
Website: www.t-experts.com

Abdullah Al-Jamaei
Department Manager

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