Research & Studies Department
TEC through its distinguished experts and the advanced software’s laboratories and equipments provides studies, technical consultations and designs in different fields including; Water, Environment, Industry and Handling of Radioactive Materials. To cover and satisfy all the required specializations TEC cooperates with many consultation offices locally and overseas and also attracts distinguished experts from all over the world to ensure better performance and strength of the work. Some of these consultation offices are as follows:
  • Zircon office for Geological Studies – Khobar
  • Bin Laboon office for Geological Studies – Riyadh
  • Eng. Saud Al-Daihan office for Chemical Engineering - Riyadh
  • Nuclear Materials Authority – Cairo, Egypt
  • Dennis Cliford Office – Houston, TX. USA
  • Groundwater Services Company Houston, TX. USA
  • Prof. Peter Weisck, Environmental Sciences Center
  • (Martin Luther University, Germany)

TEC is extremely proud of its distinguished experts and staff with 50% of the total resident employees holding a M.Sc. degree or above in various scientific fields. This is in addition to many consultants and experts who join our staff from among Study and Research Teams for limited periods

Some of the Executed Studies and Projects are as follows:

  • Preliminary design of Burayidah Water Treatment Plant Expansion.
  • Environmental Evaluation Study in the Eastern Province for The Ministry of Defense and Aviation.
  • Design and installation of a Soil Decontamination Unit for The Ministry of Defense and Aviation.
  • Serving three years as a Technical Consultant to The Ministry of Defense and Aviation.
  • Executing a study on Radiation Contamination of Water Resources in Qassim Area in collaboration with The General Directorate for Arms and Ammunitions (Ministry of Defense and Aviation).
  • Executing a study to determine the Radiation risks emerged from the use of groundwater for some sites in Saudi Aramco.
  • Executing a study to select a disposal site for naturally occurring Radioactive Wastes (General Directorate of Water-Qassim).
  • Preparation of an evaluation study for performance of Water Treatment Plants for the cities of Boraydah, Unayzah and Zulfi.
  • Executing a study for the Establishment of a Radiation Analysis Lab. at Boraydah Water Treatment Plant.
  • Study on Assessment of Water Resources in Haeil area for The Ministry of Water and Electricity.
  • Study on Assessment of Water Resources in Qassim area for The Ministry of Water and Electricity.
  • Study on Evaluation of Gypsum Ores in the Eastern Province for a Local Private Company.
  • TEC also offers consultations to many companies and factories in the following Fields:Providing Consultations in the Radiation Fields and preparing scientific, technical and engineering studies concerning Radiation and Environmental practices and activities for many companies including design of Radiation Monitoring for workers, the public the environment and also assessment of risks resulting from Radiation exposure.
  • Consultation services on design, preparation and establishment of different Radiation Measurement Labs. including Alpha & Gamma Spectroscopy Labs.
  • Design of installations, including walls, primary and secondary radiation barriers and shields for x-ray equipment, accelerators used in medicine, industries and irradiation facilities.
  • Interpretation of Well Logging Data using the most modern softwares.
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