Sales and Marketing Dept.

The TEC Sales and Marketing Department can give you not only experience and knowledge, but also our relationships and resources. This becomes very valuable in the procurement phase of your project. Many projects end up fragmented in this stage simply because of the complexity of the tedious ordering and contract process to procure equipment and services. TEC has ways to help make this process easy for you and your organization.

Because our customer base is so diverse the old rules of marketing and sales are obsolete. No longer can we have one message that suits all customers.

It is our expertise to locate vendors of materials, equipment or supplies, and interview them in order to determine product availability and terms of sales. We exemplify loyalty to supplier, client, profession, personal ethics, goals and quotas matching the needs and desires of our customers with products or services.

TEC has references and experience with many government agencies. For government customers we are very familiar with the process and can help you get your project rolling effectively. Whether negotiated bid, sole source, or any other preferred method we will work on your behalf to get the project sourced in a manner that works best for you and your agency.


Equipment and Instrument Supply in the field of
Nuclear Electronics

In addition to its experience in the field of Radiation TEC cooperates with companies specialized in the manufacture and production of Radiation measurement Equipment. TEC endeavors to supply the necessary instruments in this field and offer scientific solutions for different beneficiaries in the Kingdom. Some of the Equipment and Instruments supplied by TEC are:

  • Gamma Spectroscopy Systems
  • Alpha Spectroscopy Systems
  • Radiation Survey meters and Radiation monitoring devices
  • Total Alpha/Beta counting systems
  • Radiation Contamination Detectors
  • Personal Dosimeters

TEC has Supplied

  • TEC supplied the Radiation Measurements Spectroscopy Devices, Radiation Survey Meters and Radiation Monitoring Devices, Radon Detectors, and many other electronic parts to the Ministry of Defense and Aviation.
  • Gamma Spectroscopy System and an Alpha/ Beta Counting System to King Abdul-Aziz City for Science & Technology (KACST)
  • Field Spectroscopy device for measurement of Uranium, Thorium and Potassium in rocks, Gamma Spectroscopy System and Radon Detectors with accessories to Saudi Geological Survey (Jeddah)
  • Gamma Spectroscopy System to Boraydah Water Treatment Plant
  • Mathematical Analysis Labsocs System to Saudi Aramco Research and Development Centre
  • Low Alpha/Beta counting system with accessories to Saudi Aramco Environment and Radiation Department
  • Gamma Spectroscopy System to Saudi Aramco Research and Development Centre

  • Radiation Detectors to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
  • A personal Dosicards System to Boraydah Water Treatment Plant
  • Supplying Liquid Nitrogen Dewars to Aerospace Research Institute at King Abdul-Aziz City for Science & Technology (KACST)
  • A binary Alpha/Beta spectroscopy system with Labsocs to Saudi Arabian Standardization Corporation
  • Many scientific instruments to King Abdul-Aziz University (Jeddah) , Faculty of Engineering, Department of Nuclear Engineering
  • Many scientific instruments to King Saud University (Riyadh), Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Radiation Survey Meters to Rajihi Steel Company (Jeddah), Tetra Pak Company Ltd. (Jeddah), Saudi labs (Riyadh), Riyadh Cement factory (Riyadh), Al-Qahtani Pipes Factory (Dammam), and Arabian Pipes Company (Khobar)
  • Radiation Analysis Preparations to King Saud University (Riyadh), King Abdul-Aziz University (Jeddah), Research and Development Centre (Saudi Aramco) and King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (Riyadh)


Because we have in-depth manufacturing relationships with leading international manufacturers and technology providers, this allows us to create a cost effective project solution for you. Instead of placing orders with twenty different providers we can wrap up a single project in one bid or several based upon project phases. Or if you just need a single product or service we can provide you with competitive pricing quickly along with providing installation and training services and post-sale support.

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