Water Technology Center (WTC)

Water desalination and treatment technologies represent one of the main fields of interest
to technology Experts Company in which it plays a remarkable role in the cooperation with
the concerned authorities like the Ministry of Water & Electricity and Water Directories
as well as a wide variety of users of water Desalination / treatment technologies in both
government and private sectors, in and outside of Saudi Arabia.

In view of the rapid and continuous advance of scientific research in the fields of water treatment, the progressive optimization of more performant technologies (NF,EDI,
MBR…. Etc) and in order to face the required modernization and lowering the energy
consumption for promotion of cost effectiveness of the desalination facilities, “Technology
Experts” established the WTC to cover the following activities:

  1. Conduction of research and studies both theoretical and experimental in
  1. laboratory and field aiming to develop, upgrade, and solve the problems of water industries.
  1. Presenting consultant services at a high scientific and technical level to the water authorities, contractors, and users of water desalination / treatment industries.

  1. Study of the proposed projects, preparation of adequate system design and full offers for construction or renewal of water projects.
  1. Supervision of projects execution and representation of the project owners in front of the contractors charged of construction or operation & maintenance of WTPs.
  1. Realization of technical and financial feasibility studies for projects, evaluation of the alternative solutions, selection between the candidate technologies, and optimization of production rate and cost.
  1. Conduction of studies and Presenting consultant services in relation to environmental protection and safe disposal of water treatment wastes.
  1. Preparation of tender texts for water projects and selection of adequate technical specifications and comparative evaluation of offers submitted to these projects.
  1. Organization of training programs for engineers, technicians and operators working in construction and operation of water projects.
  1. Study and supervision of transfer of technology and national manufacturing in the water desalination / treatment industry.


In order to realize these targets “Technology Experts”
has been devoting:-

  • Qualified scientific researchers and technical experts specialized in the fields of water desalination / treatment.
  • Most up to date and sophisticated laboratory equipment which enable the conduction of a wide range of standard testing and analysis.
  • Establishment of state of art data base, up to date library as well as advanced Scientific and technical

Technology Experts also organized follow up of most recent R & D results, regular
contribution to local and international conferences specialized in water technologies, and
membership in international associations and societies of water science and technology.

Client authorities, companies and end users dealing with CWT include but are not
limited to:

  • Ministry of Water & Electricity.
  • National Water Company.
  • Directories of Water.


Projects already finalized:

    1. Project of design of extension of Buridah WTP which aimed to production of high quality drinking water and to get rid of radioactive contamination.
    2. Study of evaluation of WTP of Unizah and optimization of quality and cost of its performance.
    3. Consultant study entitled “Evaluation of Radiation Hazards in WTPs in several sites belonging to Saudi Aramco.


WTC Contact:
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Gamal Khedr
T: (01) 205 2008 or (01) 248 3706
Fax: (01) 205 2009
Mobile: 050 424 0549

E-mail: mgakhedr@t-experts.com

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