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Control and Measurement:

The new industrial directions required to provide continues monitor and automatic control of devices and production machines without human interference by remotely communicate with machines which increase the efficiency of production and decrease the operation cost as well as reduce failures resulted from emergency stops
TEC control and measurement section is supervised by a staff of specialized engineers in control and measurement systems, communications, and information technology. The section provides efficient solutions for organizations and industries that relay on continue monitor and auto control of machines.
These services conclude complete solutions for technical consulting, designing and implantation of control and measurement systems to replace old systems. These solutions are different in size depending on the size and nature of organizations .

The section cooperates with many companies around the globe when providing the following services:

    • Studying, designing, and developing of control systems. Choosing control systems, devices, and boards engineering as well as operation, maintenance, testing, and development of programs publications.
    • Designing and implementation of SCADA systems and remote measurement as well as developing data centers and transferring data from old systems to new ones. Implantation of input and output communication wirelessly using 2.4 Gigahertz waves or SIM cards.
    • Designing and production of electrical boards and control boards PLC&RTU and importing electrical control boards, low pressure boards, maintaining and testing it.


TEC has done many projects inside and outside the kingdom which cover large publications. Some but not limited to are :

  • Control and measurement systems in water projects such as water filtration/purification stations, wastewater treatment plants, and dams monitoring.
  • Control and measurement systems in cement and mining factories.
  • Control and measurement systems in air quality observation stations and industrial pollution.
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