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Technology experts training center:

The training center of technology experts is a specialized center officially certified by technical and vocational training cooperation.

The programs that presented from the center are as follow:

  1. Organize qualification courses for radiation protection officers in both Arabic and English language.
  2. Training courses for the workers in the field of radiation and organization managers, and radioactive wastes.
  3. Other courses in different fields which include the following:
  • Geophysical imaging technologies for wells and use it for water studies, as well as the methods of geophysical scanning.
  • Dealing with naturally self-occurring radioactive materials NORM.
  • Radioactive contamination technologies
  • Radiation measurements technologies.
  • Management of water resources
  • Rehabilitation of wells
  • Training courses in radiation pollution
  • Designing, launching, and maintain of filtering water stations.
  • Membrane Techniques and its uses in Water Treatments.
  • Geophysical Well Logging Techniques.
  • Melting of Radioactive Materials with Metal Scrap: Causes, Consequences, and Mitigation.
  • Principles of Chemical Analysis & Sample Collection for Drinking Water and Waste Water.
  • Radioactivity Measurements Techniques in Water and Environmental Samples.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants.
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) : Presence , Risk , and Mitigation.
  • Alpha Spectrometry Techniques in Water and Environmental Samples.
  • Quality Assurance in Chemical Analysis as per ISO17025.
  • Techniques of Waste Water Treatment and its applications.
  • Removal of Radioactive Isotopes from Drinking Water.
  • Radioactivity in Environment (Presence – Risk – Mitigation ).
  • Gamma Spectrometry Techniques in Water and Environmental Samples.
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